Sharon Serrago Workshops   2022

Breaking the Rules with Abstracts

Experimental with a Touch of Design

Color Theory Applied

Oil and Cold Wax for Abstracts

Because of the uncertainty of the Covid19 virus,

all dates for the workshops will be announced later.

If you are interested in a particular one, contact me

so that I can put your name on a list and contact you

when dates have been arranged.


850 N. Dorothy Dr, Suite 502

Richardson, TX

A Page in History Hanging Bouquet My Stumbling Brush
Corona Virus in Art Corona Virus in Art Corona Virus in Art
The World in Chaos What We Don't Know Our Fractured Homes

The world of abstract art is not one of total abandon, nor is it one of strict rules and guidelines.

Knowing both design and color theory is quite useful in bringing a picture to completion,

but abstract art should be about expressing your inner self in ways that are

pleasing to you. It is an opportunity to find the child within and allow

him to play and experiment fearlessly. It is a time to be free.

This class will give you the tools and the guidance

to do just that: find your freedom in art and

at the same time, paint something

beautiful and inspiring.

Call or email to register:   



Each class will begin with a critique of the previous week's work, followed by a discussion of

new techniques in texture, design and color. Demonstrations and class exercises are a part

of every class. Then students will apply the new concepts to their own paintings.

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