Joan Fullerton

March 16 - 19, 2020        $650         

Mixed Media

Joan has instructed all levels of experience and ages of painters. Students in Fullerton's classes thrive in the atmosphere of her informative and relaxed classes. 
In her class you will learn how to coax hints of reality from an abstract background, how to control values and colors for emotional emphasis, and how to suggest, rather than delineate. Explore working intuitively, responding to what shows up, working in a series, mixing and utilizing neutrals for softer, more ethereal abstracts. Joan is especially gifted in helping students gain more freedom in the creative process and discovering their own unique artistic voice.

here will be plenty of time for "playing" and creating, along with individual attention and guidance as well. She believes people are more open to learning and inspiration when having fun, so her workshops are filled with laughter and lightness. A multitude of techniques will give beginners encouragement and confidence, while more advanced students will benefit from Joan’s insightful solutions to their artistic challenges.


Artist's Statement

My art is created intuitively, that is, I put marks and strokes of color on the substrate without a destination in mind, as if singing a song while it is being written. When open to appreciating and responding to whatever shows up, there will be a multitude of surprises, sometimes even messages ... or revelations.
Most of my paintings are abstract with some reference to landscape. It is the ambiguity of abstraction that delights me; much more content is possible when the subject is not definitive. Then the work becomes multi-dimensional.

When painting, how you think is far more impotant than any technique or material. Same with life in general. Attitude is everything!


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