The Art of Abstracts

                                       by Sharon Serrago, sws, tws, wfws

I wrote this book with my students in mind. After their repeated requests to put all the things I have taught them into a book, I finally embarked upon the task.

The journey has taken many paths as I toyed with differerent directions, but ultimately I decided to write it just like I teach, talking about design theory, giving examples, and providing step-by-step instructions for trying a particular technique. It's all in the book.

Some of the techiniques I illustrate are original; others are techniques I have learned from other teachers and share with you how I interpret them. All these artists are acknowledged in case you may want to do further study with them and the ideas they have to offer.
Through my years of teaching, I have found that many students have an earnest desire to paint abstracts, but they simply do not know how to begin. This book addresses that dilemma. The focus of this book is on the many different ways I create abstract paintings.
Some of the processes I use are straightforward and easy to understand. Others are more complicated.
For those that are more challenging, I include step-by-step directions with multiple pictures of the painting as it evolves.

Some instructions begin here  ......

..........   and end here.

Much of the instruction in my art classes deals with design theory. Of course I include some of that information in this book, showing how I create abstracts by merely using the elements and principles of design to guide the way.


       I also talk about the important of organization through the use of structuring devices, each simply illustrated.

I have included 71 different paintings with discussions to give you many ideas about how to design your own abstracts.

My mediums include watercolor,
acrylics, oils, and collage, but these
processes can be applied to any medium.

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