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Sharon Serrago




If you are interested in having me present a workshop for your organization, please email me and leave me your phone number so that I can contact you and discuss the particulars.

I offer three different workshops:

My design workshop covers both the elements and principles of design. I show how these concepts are interrelated in paintings and how to use these principles to better organize and present a painting.

The color workshop will bring the student to an understanding of color so that he will know how to keep colors bright and pure, how to avoid letting colors get muddy, how to use color to aid in showing perspective in the paintings, and how to use color to direct the viewer's attention to the focal point of the picture.

In this workshop I teach students how to create abstract paintings. I have a variety of methods that will be covered. We will  create non-objective abstracts, as well as impressionistic pieces that have recognizable subjects that have been abstracted.



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