Oil and Cold Wax        May 13 - 17               $425

5 fantastic days of working with oils and a "new" medium:  cold wax.

You will be amazed at what you can do with oil and this medium. No longer will you need to worry about toxic fumes from turpentine or turpenoid.

No longer will you have the problem of messy clean up of brushes. No longer will you have to wait days and weeks for paints to dry.

You will LOVE this medium. It is fun and fascinating!

And...It lends itself to both abstracts and realism.


These are some of Kathy's works.

    No photo description available.    Intersections  Duality    


There is a Crack in Everything     Personal Space      Sharing   


 Performing        No photo description available.



My work parallels my life. Sometimes it begins with a plan and other times the process is untethered. I always embrace the unpredictability and work towards a resolution, a simple solution. Applied in many layers, experimentation, experience and questioning are a part of my process. Relationships exist between shapes, which may be people, textures derived from nature, and lines which could be words, equations, or figurative gestures. I always anticipate the unexpected as the painting develops and the elements of line, shape, texture and color interact, sometimes avoiding one another and sometimes balancing one another. The outside edges of the painting form an ambiguous boundary for whatever is contained within, similar to boundaries we encounter or create in life. For me, my work is play, a subtle puzzle to be completed, an ambiguous equation to be manipulated, a life of its own with each layer, mark or erasure. It is addition and subtraction, just another equation to be solved, or not!

You will find that Kathy is a great teacher. She is extremely organized with her presentation and gives you a wealth of information in her handouts.

She has the ability to answer a question not just one way, but as many as it take for you to fully understand the concept she is presenting.

She is a gifted teacher. Let's not forget, though, that she taught high school calculus for many years.

That might explain way she is so good at showing us how to use this medium and get the desired effects.

We hope you will join us for this May workshop.


To register and reserve your place in the workshop, call 214-636-4271

Mail your deposit of $200 to
Sharon Serrago
850 N. Dorothy Dr.,   Suite 502
Richardson, TX 75081

Upon registration, you will receive a supply list and a list of nearby hotels that are easily accessible from the studio.

Email me with any questions:  sharon@serrago.com


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